Well was wondering if this is possible at all ? The aim is to get a cookie from an external website.

But while going through the HTTP class for both Request and Response I don't think there is a method to access this cookie and I even looked into the response header and I wasn't able to find the value there.

Is there is a workaround to read the cookie ?


You can use response.getHeader('Set-Cookie') to find the cookies set by the responding site.

HttpRequest request1 = new HttpRequest();

HttpResponse response1 = new Http().send(request1);
String cookies = getResponse.getHeader('Set-Cookie'); //semicolon-delimited keys and values

Then you can transmit the same cookie in a subsequent request (eg to simulate a browser session)

HttpRequest request2 = new HttpRequest();
request2.setHeader('Cookie', cookies);

HttpResponse response2 = new Http().send(request2);
  • My Bad I just observed that I have done the DEBUG on wrong line number. Anyways thanks – Avidev9 Jan 20 '14 at 14:53

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