Maybe a silly question, I am trying to extract the values of an object, for some reason I get errors. In the below picture I am trying to get the value of sumchans__totalUnits__c. The value below is stored in the variable penStatDates. This is what I tried:

console.log(penStatDates[0]); Gives me the below data.
console.log(penStatDates[0].sumchans__totalUnits__c);-this gives me errors.

Also trying to extract the values of the inner array. Please advise!

enter image description here

enter image description here

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  • That error does not make a ton of sense. It basically means penStatDates[0] is undefined. Seems like you must be making a mistake somewhere copying your code or errors into this post. You really have those console logs side by side? – Adrian Larson Jan 11 at 22:58
  • Hey Adrian, I do see that my above code works now. The saving process when developing on developer console sometimes takes a long time, so I was not seeing updates at all. – Sumchans Jan 11 at 23:11