For one of our cloud pages, we would need to add an authentication layer. Can the security feature available for microsites or somethign similar be applied to cloud pages?

You can enforce security on your landing page by requiring users to log in to see it. Currently, the system can validate that the users have a valid Salesforce Marketing Cloud account and password. http://help.marketingcloud.com/en-GB/documentation/exacttarget/content/microsites/landing_pages/

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Unfortunately by default there are no additional security settings as such that could be applied to CloudPages, meaning any authentication logic on top needs to be custom built with AMPscript/SSJS.

On how to set it up for Cloud Pages you can check what has been recommended to others in Login Page Validation via AMPScript and Internal CloudPage for SFMC Users.

Essentially until Salesforce decides to re-introduce Microsite features to Cloud Pages (not happening in January 2019 release) the only way is to create a fully custom solution.

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