Can I write a batch apex to trim leading zeros from couple of fields. There are 2 number fields with around 1 million records with leading zeros.

Batch apex or any other way? Which should be much faster? Also do we have any apex methods that would handle the trimming part.


  • If you export data in excel and open the excel the leading zeros will be removed i guess and then you can update.Or One can also write macro in excel to do this Jan 20 '14 at 14:11

You could do this through a formula field or workflow field update also. if Raw_Number__c is your numeric Text field, this would be the formula for the same number with no leading zeroes:

TEXT( VALUE( Raw_Number__c ) )
  • The field will be converted from integer to string right here ? Jan 20 '14 at 14:32
  • Yes. The VALUE() OF "000123" (Text) is 123 (Number). Then this is converted back to "123" (Text). Jan 21 '14 at 14:27

You could also cast to integer and back to string to drop leading zeros.

  • Yes. It is Working.
    – Anitha J J
    Mar 28 '16 at 11:54
 public class dropLeadingzero{

//removes leading zeros from a passed string 
public static Integer drop_leading_zeros(String passedValue) {
    String return_string = null; //return string for passing back
    if (passedValue != null) { //if the passed value is not null
            if (return_string.startsWith('0') && return_string.length() > 1) { //if the string begins with a 0 and the length is greater than 1
                boolean keepChecking = true; //create a boolean variable
                while (keepChecking) { //if boolean is true
                    if (return_string.startsWith('0') && return_string.length() > 1) { //if the string begins with 0 and there is more than 1 character
                        return_string = return_string.substring(1); //drop the first character
                    } else { //either the string doesn't begin with 0 or the length is less than or equal to 1
                        keepChecking = false; //stop the loop
            if (return_string == '0') { //if the resulting string is now a single '0'
                return_string ='0'; //set the string to null
        } else { //otherwise the value passed was not valid
            return_string = passedValue; //set the string to null
    return Integer.valueof(return_string); //pass back a value


Integer i=dropLeadingzero.drop_leading_zeros(String.valueof(00012));

This is one of the solutions and i am sure there will be lot of other solutions as well

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