I am calling vf page on button which will send email.Email method is executing from <Apex:page> action.

My requirement is display confirm box on custom button.

I am trying to add <apex:messages/> in my code but not working. Can someone help me on this?

<apex:page action="{!sendEmail}" extensions="OrderConfirmationEmail" standardController="Opportunity"> 

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There's two different interpretations of your question

Confirm box to ask if the user wants to actually send the message

Based off of the code you provided, there is no way to do a confirmation box.

Instead, you should use an action method to call your apex code and some JS to display your confirm box:

<!-- Remove the action from the page element -->
<apex:page extensions="OrderConfirmationEmail" standardController="Opportunity"> 
    <-- action functions must be within a form -->
        <!-- Create the function that will call your action -->
        <apex:actionfunction name="sendEmail" action="{!sendEmail} />
        // Call your action function on page load
        (function() {
            if (confirm('Do you want to send the email?')) {
                sendEmail(); // This method must match the "name" attribute
                             // of your action function above

Note: I would also recommend trying to use jquery and document.ready to make sure the method is called at the correct time.

Send a "success" message after the email is sent:

To show a success message you need to add code into your send email method in apex:

public class OrderConfirmationEmail {
    public ApexPages.standardController stdCon {get; set;}
    public Opportunity opp {get; set;}

    public OrderConfirmationEmail(ApexPages.standardController stdCon) {
        this.stdCon = stdCon;
        this.opp = getOpp(stdCon.getId());

    public void sendEmail() {
        List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage> messages = new List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage>();

            Build Email

         Messaging.sendEmaiLResult result = messaging.sendEmail(messages);

         if (result.isSuccess()) {
             ApexPages.addMessage(new ApexPages.message(
                 'Email is Successful'
         } else {
             ApexPages.addMessage(new ApexPages.message(
                 'Email failed'

    private Opportunity getOpp(Id oppId) {
        return [
            SELECT Id, CustomField__c
            FROM Opportunity
            WHERE Id = :oppId

Call this function in Button onclick

function myFunction() {
  var txt;
  if (confirm("Press a button!")) {
    //Your Process
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