first a little bit of context, I work as an intern for a company that builds systems using Salesforce, and I've been amazed at how much is possible with this platform.

I've already built an internal Salesforce system for a client and she is now asking me to build a very simple Partner Community for her partners that should look exactly like, or as close to, the internal system but with the permissions set to private so she can see all of her partners records and the Partners can only see theirs. I got the permissions part figured out.

But, in the internal system I previously built, I created 3 record types for Contacts and then created 3 different layouts, 1 for each, using the Lightning App Builder, and I was able to assign those layouts to those record types accordingly. But when it came to doing the same using the Community Builder, I wasn't able to achieve the same "Different page layouts for each record type" thing.

And I couldn't find anything anywhere talking about this, her Partners should only have one profile because they're always going to be of the same type, but they have to be able to see those different page layouts for each of the Contact record types I created as is in the internal system. Is there any way around this? Preferably without using Visualforce, I have no experience with it.

Thank you in advance!

  • While assigning the Lightning Page (during activation) to the profiles from App Builder for Record types, you also get an option of assigning it to Community profiles. Have you tried assigning it there and verify if it works? – Jayant Das Jan 10 at 13:39

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