I have a lightning community and trying to figure out what the URL form should be to navigate directly to a custom VisualForce page.

As an example if I want to navigate to a contact URL directly I can do something like:


Im trying to figure out what the URL would be to hit a Visualforce page called MyVFPage.

I have tried the following variations with no luck:





I haven't had much luck cracking the URL code.


The above url should work, make sure to check 'Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app' - property on your visualforce page. Need to include that VF page under sites Visualforce page section. Go to setup-> All Communities -> click on workspace link beside to your community. Then click on Administration tile. Select 'Pages' tab which would be present on left of the screen. Under 'Advanced Customizations' section, click on 'Go to Force.com' link. Here under 'Site Visualforce Pages' -> clcik on Edit and include your VF page.

  • I have this box checked but still shows an invalid page error – Joseph U. Jan 10 at 5:17
  • I have edited my answer. try including that vf page under 'Site Visualforce Pages' of your community. – Pavanaja Y Jan 10 at 5:24

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