I am trying to put a filter on a lookup field so that i can only show the records which will full fill the filter criteria. But in during the setiap of filter criteria i am not able to get all the custom fields in filter criteria to add filter logic. I have checked the fls permission as well and its allowed to system admin. Can anyone please suggest me how i can get the fields in filter criteria.

Thanks in Advance

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Lookup field filters do not support all field types. Specifically,

Lookup filter criteria can’t reference these types of fields on the source object:

  • Autonumber
  • Encrypted
  • Formula
  • Long text area
  • Multi-select picklist
  • Roll-up summary
  • Text
  • Text area
  • URL

Salesforce recommends the use of validation rules if you have a use case that lookup filters don't support, such as the above, or needing to reference a relationship field from the source object or more than one relationship deep on the target object.


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