I have a journey set up where the entry source is a Salesforce Campaign. The very first item on the journey is an email send, as seen below:enter image description here

However, when I go to activate the journey, it doesn't send out the first "Test Email Invite" email to the contacts in the campaign I selected event though it successfully activates. For clarification, it does not send AT ALL, so when I hover over this activity it says "0 Sent".

Not sure what I am doing wrong. The contacts do not have the Opt Out boxes checked in Salesforce, so they are good to go in that regard. The journey activates successfully, but the very first email doesn't get sent out.

In the Journey Settings, I have "CampaignMember:Common:Email" from the entry source selected as the default email address as well.

Any ideas as to why my journey isn't working?

  • I think it'll send the email when you add a new member to the campaign in Salesforce. Have you already tried that? – Maneesh Jan 9 '19 at 22:20
  • @Maneesh Yes, I thought that might be the reason why so I already tried it, but still no success. – marketingmo Jan 10 '19 at 16:23

There are multiple things you can check to troubleshoot this.

  • Verify that Campaign Members that you have are indeed linked with Contacts in Sales Cloud.

  • Verify that the Email field is marked as EmailAddress field type in the Data Extension. Personally I would advise to use the Email field from the Contact record though.

  • Verify that Contacts have been added to your Data Extension in Marketing Cloud, this you'll see from the Data Extension that is named in the Journey Builder UI. Typically these DE's are in the primary DE folder.

If you have Contacts in the Journey DE and everything seems to be OK with the synchronisation, then double check the Email and any personalization string / AMPscript on it.

Understand that this Journey Entry is triggered upon creation of a CampaignMember, meaning all the existing ones prior to Journey activation would not enter anyway.

If all else fails you can enable logging in Sales Cloud, create a new CampaignMember and check the log files to see if the call to inject this Contact to the Marketing Cloud failed or succeeded.

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