We have a sandbox account and a marketing cloud account. We have installed marketing cloud connected app in sandbox and installed marketing cloud connect package.

There are few leads in sandbox which we want to access/sync in marketing cloud. How can we do that?

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Assuming the connector has been configured correctly (otherwise please follow these steps), you should be able to create your Lead object as a Synchronised Data Extension, in Contact Builder > Data Sources of the Business Unit where the connection has been established:

  1. Select the data source connected via account integration on the Synchronized tab.
  2. Click Set Up Object.
  3. Click Synchronize for the entity containing the data to bring into Contact Builder.
  4. Select the checkboxes next to the fields to synchronize and click Next.
  5. Choose whether to bring in all records or begin at a certain date using the Records Collection buttons.
  6. Choose how often you wish the synchronize data in the Poll Schedule dropdown menu.
  7. Click Save & Synchronize.

Find recommended best practices for Synchronised Data Sources in this document.


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