I'm trying to use AMPscript to pull the number of rows (all rows, rather than matching to a specific variable) in a data extension and insert that variable into an email. However, the variable I'm using isn't being recognized. Why is that? How can I fix it?

var @rowCount 
set @rowCount = DataExtensionRowCount("DE_Name") 

  • Do you receive an error? Is it located in the same business unit, shared or local? – AnonWonderer Jan 8 at 22:34
  • If it is a shared DE, you will need to use the ent. prefix. E.g. ent.DE_Name. – Gortonington Jan 9 at 14:02

Not an ideal way but you can add a field to your DE and set its default value as "1" to use LookupRows like:


Then you can count all rows.

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