I have created a process builder that adds members to a SFDC campaign (Campaign A) when they meet certain criteria, as part of the criteria when a member of the campaign is not active for 60 days they get added to another campaign (Campaign B), I would like to remove them from there original campaign (Campaign A) when they get added to campaign b, is there a way to do this that does not involve flows or process builder? I would rather just use a workflow rule for simplicity. thanks

  • How would I be able to create a flow in that case that would perform the action I would like? Jan 8, 2019 at 17:04

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Neither Workflow Rules nor Process Builder can delete records, such as CampaignMember. Only Flow (or Apex) is able to perform deletions.

You can find more about which automation tools have different capabilities under Which Automation Tool Do I Use? in the Salesforce documentation.

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