I have a cloud page that a customer accesses via an api call (do not know what kind). The call holds an email address at a time. The landing page picks up the email address, does some other stuff and finally sends a triggered send to this address.

Now my customer needs a reply back giving the status of the triggered send.

I guess I can do like this

 <script runat=server>Platform.Load("core","1");

  var status = TriggeredSend.Init('Double_optin').Send(e,{

 if @status == "OK" then set @message_back = "Yes, worked out fine" endif

But how do I make that accessible as a reply back?


When you say: reply back - do you mean an email message to your client with the status of the email send, or will a callback url be OK? You could for now implement HTTPGet function in the email content, which fetches a unique URL and append parameters specific to the email and recipient. You will of course need to build a service able to receive this call.

With the upcoming (Jan 2019) release of SFMC, a new type of transactional sends will be provided, where you will be able to receive notifications to a callback URL of your choice.

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