I have created 3 quick actions using 1 lightning controller.If one action button is clicked then i have perform operations if other then perform some other operation.

But I have to implement all these in a single Lightning controller. In order to do this i need the quick action name to know which action to perform. Please help me on how to get the quick action name in lightning controller?

  • I have asked this question 2 years ago and it was not possible to achieve without wrapper components - still is today - here is my question – Itai Shmida Jan 9 at 7:41

You have to create wrapper components and use it to pass parameters to your common component. Expose the main wrapper components as quick actions.

There is an open idea for this SF idea exchange

something like below

<c:activationdeactivationcomponent operation="deactivate"/>

<c:activationdeactivationcomponent operation="activate"/>

<c:activationdeactivationcomponent operation="onhold"/>

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