I am trying to query the user table from a controller called by a lightning component in Communities.

User usr = [SELECT Id, Name, Email, Phone FROM User WHERE Id IN (Select OwnerId From Account Where Id = :u.AccountId) LIMIT 1];

Running this from a community user it returns 0 rows. My sharing settings on the user record are private but the controller is using the without sharing notation. If I my self run that query I get the expected result.

return [SELECT Id, Name, Profile.Name, AccountId, Manager.Name, Manager.Email,ContactId FROM User WHERE Id =:UserInfo.getUserId()];

This query works. Is there some weird sharing setting that I am missing?

Basically I just want to be able to query the user table from a community user and can't.

  • Sharing keyword does not work with customer community login license..can you confirm what is license type of community user – Ayub Jan 8 at 5:16
  • I have same doubt, cannot access the user object's field in soql for community user, even though proper permissions are maintained. Following is my query: select id, Designation__c, lookupuserobj__r.Id from childobject where Id =:someId – Pankaj Andhale Jan 8 at 11:31
  • Ayub do you have a link to the documentation that points this out? Its a PartnerCommunityLogin1ML license. – joshii Jan 8 at 17:50

Right now this is an issue with the Spring19 release.


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