With the standard einstein activity capture, emails sent to contacts automatically get logged on the applicable account. I'm wondering if emails should be logged that were sent to the personal email address field for a contact, on the applicable account record?

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Activity roll-up to an associated Account (AccountId) is handled via a system process based on the WhoId and WhatId. The associated Contact would be the WhoId in this scenario.

The roll-up to the Account is agnostic to why the Task was associated to any given Account. It only takes into account, pun intended, the WhoId (Contact or Lead) and WhatId (other associated object) to which the Task is linked. Unless you alter this roll-up behavior globally, you can only change this roll-up behavior by controlling the WhatId, and doing so will only alter the Account association if the WhatId is an object associated to a different Account than the WhoId.

The NPSP's separate Personal Email and Work Email fields are irrelevant to the Activity roll-up mechanisms.

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