I am trying to add field validation with Javascript on a SmartCapture form. The field validation is working, however I get POST 500 (Internal Server Error). For some reason, the post method breaks when I add the validation.

Here below is the code (only the parts relevant to this issue). Can you please help? Thanks!

<form id="smartcapture-block-avp824vcmv6" class="smartcapture-content-wrapper fuelux" onsubmit="return validateDate()">

<script type="text/javascript"> 

var today = new Date();
today.setHours(0, 0, 0, 0);

console.log ("Current date is: " + today);
   function validateDate() 
   var fday=document.getElementsByClassName("select day")[0].value;
     console.log("fday is: "+fday);
   var fmonth=document.getElementsByClassName("select month")[0].value; 
   var fyear=document.getElementsByClassName("select year")[0].value; 
     var inputDate = fday + "/" + fmonth + "/" + fyear;
     var inputDate = new Date(inputDate);


     if (inputDate <= today) 
     console.log("input date earlier than today");
   var Valert = "Date should not be earlier than today \n"; 
     console.log("input date later than today");
   var Valert = ""; 
     if (submitOK=="false") 
   return false; 



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