I'm using opencti and trying to create a call log at the end of the call.

All of the samples have the call log created as a 'task' but this doesn't actually make much sense (as its a log of a call not a task).

On the account screen there is a tab 'Log a Call'.

This appears to be the logical place to insert the call. How would I do this?

Am I mis-understanding the framework and does a Task somehow make sense?

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Logged Calls are always Tasks. There's some special functionality and visual identification (particularly in the Lightning Experience) when a Task is identified as a Call. This is done by populating the TaskSubtype field with the string 'Call' at the time of creating the record.

That's what the Log a Call Quick Action does.

Note that TaskSubtype can only be populated at creation time. The field is not updateable.

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