Some of our sends in a journey are showing this error message:

ErrorCode: 180008 SubscriberFailureDescription: Error Code: 27 - Subscriber was excluded by Suppression logic.

The email send does not have any explicitly associated suppression list. How can I find how/where these contacts are being suppressed.


As the error states these particular Subscribers are a part of Suppression List, you should manually check the list(s) in Email Studio.

In Email Studio go to Subscribers tab and select Suppression Lists from the dropdown menu. Over there you'll find BU specific lists.

Even if you haven't added anyone yourself, it's likely these Subscribers added themselves if they clicked on the One-Click-Unsubscribe link or - if you have Public Suppression Lists, then they may have gotten to it via Preference Center.

In addition, you can check if there is an Auto-Suppression configured on your Marketing Cloud instance, these have separate lists and custom configuration. You'll find these in the Email Studio > Admin tab.

  • this would be my answer too. My guess is that the Subscriber email address exists in an auto-suppression list. Note that auto-suppression lists can either be defined at a child BU level or globally at the Parent BU. To validate this, go to Email Studio > Admin > Send Management > Auto-Suppression Configuration. – Eliot Harper Jan 4 '19 at 19:08
  • yup it was the auto-supression configuration, thanks! – Scott B Jan 5 '19 at 0:39

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