Is it possible to send visual force email template via email with embedded wave:dashboard tag? Right now when I send the email template to my email it only show the ff.

test start

test end

But when I test the component on visual force page it shows the dashboard

Code --Component--

    test start
      <wave:dashboard dashboardId="XXXXXXX0000NeWAI" 
    height="800x" />

    test end 

--Classic email template

  <messaging:emailTemplate subject="Hey there!">

  <messaging:HtmlEmailBody >

  <meta content="text/css;charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"/>
  <meta name="Template" content="Response"/>
  <c:test_template_waveDashboardComponent /> 
  • I haven't worked much with Einstein/Wave, but I would guess it requires a user license in order to view dashboards, so an external person will not be able to see it in an email, they will have to login to you instance. BTW that is probably why you can see it in your VF page, since you are probably logged in as yourself. – David Cheng Jan 7 at 20:23

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