I´m trying to subtract a sum() (for eg. {{=SUM(ABOVE)}} ) value from total_value(which I fetch through a query viz. {{TableStart:naTotal}}{{ACCOUNT_EXPR0 \# #,##}}{{TableEnd:naTotal}}) .. The formula that I have written goes like this

{= {{TableStart:naTotal}}{{ACCOUNT_EXPR0 \# #,##}}{{TableEnd:naTotal}} -  {{=SUM(ABOVE)}} }

However on pasting the same in the email template, I get Syntax error. Can anyone help with this, or suggest a method to subtract values in an email template.

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    Conga Support is terrific ....take advantage of their assistance – cropredy Jan 3 '19 at 19:55

The best success I have had is to turn the Conga Merge Fields into bookmarks within the Word document and then to use the bookmarks within the Word formula. I found a Conga article on that and it worked successfully.

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