I am doing work on Javascript using Salesforce lightning Web Component. I want to know how I integrate Asana with these components. Is that possible?

Actually, I want to use the only javascript to do that integration.

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There are a few resources I would suggest looking into if you want to do a client-side integration with LWC.

First off, the developer guide itself talks about options as far as making callouts directly from LWC, or via an Apex [proxy]2. The key things here are if you want to do a direct-from-client integration, you need to be certain to enable the CSP trusted site endpoint. And if you integrate via an Apex proxy, you must use a named credential in your HTTP request.

It sounds like you're looking at using the direct-from-LWC option.

Once you're familiar with the docs, I'd recommend taking a look at the dream-invest sample project which shows a basic API callout integration component and util module using an API key for authorization.

Once you get a basic callout working, of course feel free to come back with specific questions if you run into difficulties. There can be a number of hiccups you might encounter like with CORS, or more rigorous authorization settings required with certain APIs.

  • How to call authorization code of asana using LWC js file? – Vaishali Garg Jan 3 at 6:41
  • @VaishaliGarg Typically, we'd recommend you take a stab using the docs (both from Salesforce and from Asana), then you can come back and ask a new question that includes what you've tried already. I'd like to suggest you have a read of this help topic which gives guidelines on what makes a good question on this site. salesforce.stackexchange.com/help/how-to-ask – pchittum Jan 4 at 13:07

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