We have script activity which is posting (HTTP post) messages to another system. However, Script activity is getting time out after 30 mins as per default timeout setting.

Is it possible to override default timeout for script activity? If yes how can we override default timeout? is their time limit for this override?


30 minutes is the maximum limit.

Documentation says -

If your Marketing Cloud Automation times out, it is likely because the Query Activity is attempting to process too much data within the allotted time for the query to run (30 minutes maximum).

To fix the problem, optimize your Query Activity to run faster or separate it into multiple queries.

I think optimizing your server-side script may help to reduce the chances of getting the timeout error.

  • Hi Naval, We are facing issue in Script Activity , Is it possible to override timeout using some script? – user63268 Jan 1 at 11:57
  • Timeout duration is the same for all the activities in automation. Do you mind checking your checking if your script is optimized. For errors - help.salesforce.com/… – Naval Sharma Jan 1 at 12:37

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