I am creating contact from anypoint studio(mule soft). I have setup http listner, Transform message,salesforce. when i run this project it's showing some weired error which i am unable to recognized.

"Unexpected end-of-input at payload@[1:1] (line:column), expected false or true or null or {...} or [...] or number but was , while reading payloadas Json. 1| ^" evaluating expression: "%dw 2.0

output application/json

[{  MasterRecord: {
            LastName: payload.lastname,
            FirstName: payload.firstname 
} }]".

enter image description here

I have done so far step by step below things.

Step 1: enter image description here

Step 2: Mime type set enter image description here

Step 3: Create salesforce element add and setup the connection and enter user name, password and tested it's showing test successful alert message. enter image description here

Step 4: Transform message i have set payload for contact object and connect with firstname and lastname field. enter image description here

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