I have a journey where around 1100 entries entered the journey. They all received the first email and then I added an engagement split. If people opened the first email they follow the 'yes' path, if they did not' they follow the 'no' path. I see 611 unique opens, so people should go the both of the paths. However, I do not see them following the path and for exmaple not getting the second email down the 'no' path.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Els

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    Has it been a week since you started the journey? Those people look like they're just stuck in the wait period at the moment. Once a week is passed, if you've done everything right they should go down the right path.
    – garek007
    Dec 27 '18 at 15:22
  • Hi there, thanks for your help. No the journey already started on 28th of August and the automation is running daily till 2021, so they are already a longer period then a week in the wait period. Do you have any other idea? Regards, Els
    – Els Tijs
    Dec 28 '18 at 10:44
  • Hi Els, can you check your journey's history just to confirm that the second email has been sent to contacts or not. I have had instances where the number is not displayed on the journey emails even if contacts are receiving emails. Or you can just create a journey tracking report to check this.
    – Krati Garg
    Dec 28 '18 at 13:43
  • It may be erroring out, are you using ampscript in the email? If so can you post that?
    – garek007
    Dec 28 '18 at 14:18
  • Thank @KratiGarg, I checked the journey's history but people did not received the second email. No distinction when people opened or clicked in the email and the exit criteria are not either.
    – Els Tijs
    Jan 3 '19 at 7:47

You could be missing the open pixel in the email: <custom name="opencounter" type="tracking">

Does it show opens in the tracking info?

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