Hope someone can help in what I am trying to do. We have a custom object in Salesforce where marketing uploads an image say something like this

enter image description here

We have other field in the same object with data like

1 * Ipad pro
2 * Iphone X
1 * Nexus

total cost : $2640

What I am trying to do from my customer community lightning component is , when a user clicks on the download button.

This content should be overlay-ed on the image that was uploaded on this record
1 * Ipad pro
2 * Iphone X
1 * Nexus

and to the right side total cost in a colored box (to highlight) This has to fit in to the white area in bold

Is it possible to achieve this at all in Salesforce using technologies like HTML,CSS, JS or even Lightning components, APEX etc.

One idea is to use Conga but that comes at a cost.

I am trying to build something within Salesforce.

Any thoughts or guidance is appreciated.

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