I found the possibility to get the Availability of the Live Agent via REST API and it works fine.

I noticed when I set a live agent on Online, it returns Availability: true. Nice, this is how I expect it.

But when I set the live agent on Offline again, I still receive the same response, only like a minute(or 2) later, the availability is false.

Does somebody know why this is? Or maybe has a solution for a better check?

Goal: Show a message in my Einstein Bot based on if there is a Live Agent available or not.

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If anyone is ever looking for the answer, 'Availability' shows as 'True' if you're using older version of 'X-LIVEAGENT-API-VERSION' in headers to check for agent availability. I've verified by switching between current (54.0) to old (43.0) API and I can see the discrepancy.

  • Thanks for contributing to the Salesforce corner of SE! Could you please edit your answer to clarify? I don't know if you mean that in older versions it shows true for some time after no agent is actually available (as OP stated), and that newer versions flip that value correctly to false immediately? Or if you mean that newer versions do not show true in some other context?
    – Moonpie
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 15:08
  • It seems that when Live Agent API is called using older API version, it falsely returns 'True' for availability and at times it doesn't return 'True' which means agents are not available. But with newer API versions (54.0 in my case), this bug doesn't exist.
    – Malhar
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 20:38

Updating to Latest version didnt help us. We always see response as available=true


enter image description here

OmniSupervisor shows No Online Agents.

enter image description here

Another difficulty is to frequently update the version whenever new version is released. How do any third party system leveraging salesforce api track this version change? If Salesforce can fix this version issue, would be of much help.

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