I am using SalesforceMobileSDK-iOS for building native iOS app that interact with the Salesforce platform.

I need to create a user defined functions in SQLite database for example RemoveDiacritics. So that I can query for the data something like below.

SELECT * FROM employees WHERE RemoveDiacritics(first_name) LIKE 'jose'

I could see that SmartStore framework internally uses FMDatabase to connect with SQLite database and There is an example given for creating user defined method inside FMDatabase framework, but it was commented out.

FMDatabase is not exposed outside of SalesforceMobileSDK to access it directly. Also I did not find any API in SmartStore framework for creating the user defined methods from my project.

Please suggest me if there is any possibility to create the user defined methods in the database through SmartStore or something else while using SalesforceMobileSDK.

Note: We are using Pods for external frameworks and it should not be altered in any case.

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