I am getting a duplicate rule issue with apex

first error: DUPLICATES_DETECTED, Use one of these records?: []

Now I want this rule to run, however, I need to get the details of the record that is being suggested by Salesforce duplicate management. How can I get the record details that is being suggested in Apex and show it as part of error message?

Let me know for any further details.!!


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You can use DuplicateResult class to get duplicate records detected by duplicate rule.

Using Database.SaveResult saveResult = Database.insert(contact, false); get errors and successes. You may need to do few tweaks in code to get duplicate records.

for (Database.Error error : saveResult.getErrors()) {
     if (error instanceof Database.DuplicateError) {
         Database.DuplicateError duplicateError = (Database.DuplicateError)error;
         Datacloud.DuplicateResult duplicateResult = duplicateError.getDuplicateResult();

         ApexPages.Message errorMessage = new ApexPages.Message(
                            ApexPages.Severity.ERROR, 'Duplicate Error: ' + 

         this.duplicateRecords = new List<sObject>();

         Datacloud.MatchResult[] matchResults = duplicateResult.getMatchResults();

         Datacloud.MatchResult matchResult = matchResults[0];
         Datacloud.MatchRecord[] matchRecords = matchResult.getMatchRecords();

You can use Datacloud.MatchResult to get duplicate records. Please find the sample code.

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