Context - running a report on caseHistory object, where data is grouped by caseId (ascending) and then Date/time difference of CreatedDate and previous rows CreatedDate has to be captured at each row

I am trying to execute below code as computeRelative Transformation in Einstein Data Analytics (or Wave)


Have tried to work with this date field from last 6 hours but not able to figure hoe to find the difference between two date fields , the first one comes from the row and the other one comes from previous row. Please note that this works absolutely fine in SAQL query but I am trying to execute this in the data flow. I suspect we cannot do this undless data "registers" (sfdcRegister).

Help appreciated. happy holidays.

  • This should be possible with the computeRelative transformation. Are you getting an error when you run the dataflow? Or is it just not outputting the right data? – John Towers Dec 27 '18 at 20:54

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