One of my Users created a Kanban List View for Accounts which grouped them by Owner. The original problem was that there were several (deprecated) Record Types that were splitting the records up. I went in and cleaned up the record types so that they were correct. The unintended consequence of this was that the Kanban settings were now grouped by a different Picklist field and I cannot select Owner in the Group by settings.

I originally thought you could only group by a Picklist field so I was surprised she was able to group by Owner, however according to https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=kanban_configuration.htm&type=5 it says

To determine how your records are organized into columns, select a picklist such as Stage to group by, or group records by owner.

As I said before, when I get into the Kanban settings, there is no option to group by Owner. I also did not see an option to group by Owner before the Record Type cleanup.

A search for how to group by owner did not return any useful insights and I know of no other way to alter Kanban group settings. Does anyone have any insight?

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If you take a look at Kanban Considerations it mentions as below:

Records are only displayed if the fields selected for Group By and Summarize By are in a page layout assigned to a record type that the user has access to.

You should verify if after restructuring the record types, if you have the Account Owner field available in the page layout for that record type. If not, adding the field in the page layout will let you Group By the Owners.

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    Thank you, this is what I needed. This slipped by me as I was not aware of any changes to any of my Page Layouts but it looks like a change was made by one of our third party consultants which did not make it into their discussions with me so I did not think to check here but that was it. I had a new Page Layout that did not have Account Owner on it. Thank you.
    – DC-Fencer
    Commented Dec 18, 2018 at 19:06

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