Can i send automatic email when new content is available on website?

Question 1) if i have a blog, instead of manually adding content to email then sending email, how can i send email automatically when new content is available on website?

Question 2) In case answer to question#1 is RSS feed - if my blog does not have RSS rss feed, is there any new strategy used these days to get content from website in email directly?

Looking to do this in content builder. any advise?

  • I am not sure but if you can create a json file and update it when you have a new content, then you can insert that data - content of the blog- in a data extension. You can also set a triggered send via API integration, which checks if there is a new data based on a timestamp field and sends the email if there is any. in that email content, you can do a lookup based on the data extension you use for json integration. – Selim Sevim Dec 18 '18 at 13:58

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