I've been trying to store 'Date' via API, but somehow it doesnt work

I have created new field in profile management, called 'prospect_date'

If I create new subscriber, pass all attributes via API without specifing prospect_date (attribute/value) , in ET it successfully creates a row without prospect_date, which is right

If I create new subscriber, pass all attributes and also {"Name"=>"prospect_date", "Value"=>"2014-01-24 23:46:13 UTC"}, in ET it successfully creates a row BUT the prospect_date doesn't get stored properly, somehow it stores today's date

Also I tried this one too, still doing the same thing. {"Name"=>"prospect_date", "Value"=>"24/01/2014"}

I'm guessing I need to pass with specific format, or by default it will store today's date, do you know format should I use?

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According to the documentation

Attributes of a date type will accept dates in various formats, such as 1/1/2005 or January 1, 2005. All dates are stored in the format MM/DD/YYYY, and if a date is entered in a different format, the system will convert it to the proper format when storing it.

I believe 2014-01-24 23:46:13 UTC fails because it's not expecting a UTC time, and 24/01/2014 fails because the format is DD/MM/YYYY.

Hope this helps!

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When passing it, try using XSD Date Format, so instead of "2014-01-24 23:46:13 UTC", it woudl look like "2014-01-24T23:46:13Z".

The Z indicates that it is UTC time. If you want to pass the value with a specific offset then you can replace Z with the offset, for example: "2014-01-24T23:46:13-05:00".

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