I currently have a VF Page that displays a Link to a PDF stored in Static Resources. I am using this VF Page to override standard SFDC help.

Users clicks "help for this page" | VF Page displayed | User Clicks Link to PDF in Static Resource

Is there a way to simply display the PDF when a user clicks help for this page rather than forcing them to click a link within a VF Page?

Thank you in advance.



(re: comments, I've misread the "I currently have a VF Page...")

Help for custom objects won't let you put a static resource there but you could try to make-do with "action" parameter?

<apex:page readonly="true" action="{!$Resource.resource_name}">

This should redirect immediately.




The URL for the page's help file. When this value is specified, a Help for this Page link automatically appears on the right side of the colored title bar. The URL must be a fully-qualified, absolute, or relative URL; JavaScript URLs aren't permitted. Invalid URLs display a warning icon instead of the help link.

So if any link can be used in the "help" attribute and it can even point to external website (absolute URL):

<apex:sectionHeader title="..." subtitle="..." help="{!$Resource.resource_name}"/>
  • Thanks for the response. So if I am understanding this correctly this would be useful if I was overriding the standard controller with a customer visual force page. I am not overriding the stand controller. I am overriding the help page identified in the Custom Object Setup. Does this make sense? Jan 15 '14 at 22:00
  • nice, can also take advantage of apex:pageBlock which has helpUrl and helpTitle attributes Jan 15 '14 at 22:00

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