I have this below code which is throwing error. Can anyone help what is going wrong.


Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void put(OpportunityLineItem) from the type Map


Map<Id,OpportunityLineItem> mapOli = new Map<Id,OpportunityLineItem> ();
for(OpportunityLineItemSchedule sch: lstLineItemSchedule) {
    If(mapOli.get(sch.OpportunityLineItemId) == null) {
        Decimal oliUniPrice = oliIDToSalesPriceMap.get(sch.OpportunityLineItemId);
        mapOli.put(new OpportunityLineItem(Id=sch.Id,UnitPrice =oliUniPrice));

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A Map.put() expects a <key, value> pair whenever you add an element in it. The signature for the method is: public Object put(Object key, Object value).

In your case, you are missing the key to be added in the Map and thus the error.

mapOli.put(new OpportunityLineItem(Id=oLisch.Id,UnitPrice =oliUniPrice));

You will need to change this to as below:

mapOli.put(<key- whatever you choose>, new OpportunityLineItem(Id=oLisch.Id,UnitPrice =oliUniPrice));

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