I'm trying to create a quick action that works as an action layout editor with predefined values. One of the fields I can't fill is picklist type and when I try setting his value with another picklist for his related object (with same picklist values in both of them) it displays me this error:

Picklist fields are only supported in certain functions

I tried using TEXT(my_custom_field__c) but it keeps on giving me same message.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this or if it's just a salesforce limitation for now?


This is a limitation with salesforce. Actions: Predefined picklists can be set by formula idea is under product team review in ideaexchange. You can only set specific value with lookup as of now.

Or, you can have a CASE formula to predefine picklist value. [But I am not sure if formula character limit exceed if you have number of values] Like this

"Prospecting", "prospecting",
"Qualification", "qualification",
"Needs Analysis", "needs analysis",
"Value Proposition", "value proposition",
  • I saw the 'CASE' solution but we have 234 values on that picklist field so this is not an option, but thanks for the quick response and related url link. – molinet Dec 13 '18 at 11:00

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