I am trying to display Cases on my console application support page. Also, when a user replies on a Case from my application I want to display it on sales force UI( as CaseFeed or CaseComment or anything), so that support team can have a look and can give response , which in turn will be displayed on my application support page. How do I manage this communication between sales force UI and my console app for a Case?

I tried CaseFeed ,CaseComments and email to case but they didn't work out for me.

CaseFeed : I can select CaseFeeds with FeedComments for a case but as per API creating or upserting CaseFeed is not possible. So I can't create a new CaseFeed when a user replies to a Case from my application.

CaseComment : CaseComments are not suposed to have comments under it so I can not manage communication between support team and user.

Email to case : creates a new EmailMessage which can't have comments under it. so its not useful to manage communication.

Am I doing something totally wrong? What's the generalized way of integrating salesforce with your application support page?


That's precisely what Web-to-Case is for. Ensure that you have the right permissions as listed here. Then go to

Setup | Customize | Self-Service | Web-to-Case

and follow the steps to generate the HTML code that you can use on your web application support page.

  • Thank Gaurav. How to manage the communication, after Case has been created? I mean can customer and support team put comments on a Case or is it supposed to be totally email based?
    – frank
    Jan 16 '14 at 23:56

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