The Subscriber Object seems to always return a list of attributes (name and value) when requested through SOAP. However, they cannot be requested as a specific property. In the following example Subscriber Attributes come with the Subscriber Object, they are not requested as a specific property:


I can filter subscriber retrieves based on top level properties such as Email, SubscriberID, CreatedDate, and more. However, I am not sure how to build a filter for particular attributes. Is there a way to filter retrieving a list of subscribers (all subscriber objects, not subscribers on a particular list) filtered on a profile attribute value? Such as State is Indiana?

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You cannot directly retrieve the subscribers object and use a simplefilterpart to select by just attribute.

What you would need to do here, is create a "Filter Definition". This is the documentation.

Less than ideal, I'm sure, but it is currently the only way to do this.

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