I currently have this very nested wrapper class,

    public sharing class ResultWrapper {

    //This wrapper is contain more wrappers that goes as far as 5 level deep. 
    @AuraEnabled public VerifyResWrapper.ResponseWrapper resResponse { get; set; }
    @AuraEnabled public String AccountId { get; set; }

so, in the service console I am able to see that the data was properly set to the wrapper class

12:23:44:008 USER_DEBUG [22]|DEBUG|result==>ResultWrapper:[resResponse=ResponseWrapper:[Number='123, Detail=OutcomeWrapper:[NextSteps=ContentWrapper:[......

In my lightning controller class it looks something like this...

public static ResultWrapper getQuestion{
    ResultWrapper resultObject= new ResultWrapper();

    //sample json string.
    string json_string ='...';

    resultObject.AccountId = '1234567';
    resultObject.AuthResponse = (VerifyResWrapper.ResponseWrapper)System.JSON.deserialize(json_string, VerifyResWrapper.ResponseWrapper.class);

    system.debug('Response==>' + result);

    return resultObject; 

So when I debug the response.getReturnValue().

console.log('response' + JSON.stringify(response.getReturnValue()));

This is the result it return the Account Id, but showing nothing for the nested wrapper class:


Is there something I a missing here, or had run into a limitation?

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    I think you need to make each variable of the wrapper class as aura enabled. just the wrapper class definition wont do
    – RedDevil
    Dec 10, 2018 at 18:09
  • My first thought is that you are using 2 different class attribute names: ResultWrapper.resResponse and ResultWrapper.AuthResponse. Can you include enough code to explain that and also include the ResponseWrapper class in your question? Also, what is in the debug log for the "Response==>" system.debug? Dec 10, 2018 at 18:33

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You have to annotate all members of the inner wrapper class as @AuraEnabled whichever wrappers variables you need on UI

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