Using a custom popover is causing issues as it removes the scrollbar from the screen when it opens, causing the screen to shake slightly when it opens and closes. I've attempted to apply position:absolute to the CSS in the following way with no success:


.THIS.popoverPosition {
    position : absolute;


var popover = component.find('overlayLib').showCustomPopover({
    body : cmp,
    referenceSelector : ".mypopover" + contactId,//,
    cssClass: "slds-nubbin_left,slds-popover,popoverPosition,cContactRoles"

This doesn't appear to actually apply the styling even though I've followed the example in the component documentation. What would be the best way to prevent this issue?

I'd also like to know how I'd add styling and style the Popover to change the nubbin color as it doesn't match the background of the popover currently.

Popover nubbin mismatch with background color

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