I am trying to get the profile and username in JavaScript button but I am getting an error when trying to click on the button


var currentuser = sforce.connection.getUserInfo();

if('{!Contract_Approval_Form__c.Approval_Status__c}' == 'Approved')
if('{!$User.Id}' == '005E00000088akt')
 window.open("/apex/echosign_dev1__AgreementTemplateProcess?masterid={!Contract_Approval_Form__c.Id}&templateId=aH0V0000000CcVSKA0 ","_self"); 
}else if('{!$User.Id}' == '005E0000001noF2IAI')
 window.open("/apex/echosign_dev1__AgreementTemplateProcess?masterid={!Contract_Approval_Form__c.Id}&templateId=aH0V00000008PXg ","_self"); 
}else if('{!$Profile.Id}' == '00eE0000000eOCd')
{!Contract_Approval_Form__c.Id}&templateId=aH0V00000008PXl ","_self"); 
window.alert("Please make sure Approval Status to be Approved");

When ever I add else if('{!$Profile.Id}' == '00eE0000000eOCd') condition , button is failing .Can you please let me know what I am missing

Error when user clicks on button

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    Can you update your question and provide the error that you are receiving? Dec 7 '18 at 20:34
  • Hi @John Towers : I updated the question with the error. Can you please let me know what I am missing in profile name Dec 10 '18 at 17:57

Your primary problem is that normal strings don't allow line breaks:

{!Contract_Approval_Form__c.Id}&templateId=aH0V00000008PXl ","_self"); 

This should fix your main problem:

window.open("/apex/echosign_dev1__AgreementTemplateProcess?masterid={!Contract_Approval_Form__c.Id}&templateId=aH0V00000008PXl ","_self"); 

As a side note, due to the possibility of script injection, you should prefer to use either JSENOCDE or do formula-based evaluation.

For example:




Note that the if statement simply renders as if(true) or if(false), so no quotes are needed around the merge field.

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