Trying filter the data based on relative dates for which I dont find a solution . Instead creating a compute expression and then filtering based on the expressin value .

Tried the following in filter conditon which didn't work.


then tried the following in compute expression which didn't work.

case when contract_Start_Date__c>=this_month and 
contract_Start_Date__c<=next_n_months:3 then "true"
else "false" end
  • not sure what is the difference which sebastian provided vs what I asked . Tried on data flow on compute expression and also in filter which didn't work – Manoj Dec 7 '18 at 19:30

Relative date filters in SAQL are different from the ones in SOQL. Your compute expression should be this instead:

case when date('contract_Start_Date__c_Year', 'contract_Start_Date__c_Month', 'contract_Start_Date__c_Day') in ["current month".."3 months ahead"] then "true"
else "false" end

I don't believe the filter expressions work with relative dates.

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