It doesn't seem to be supported to have triggers on the GroupMembership object.

I want to update a field on the user object every time a user becomes part of certain public groups.

Neither workflows or triggers are possible on the group membership object.

Does anyone have ideas on what could be an alternative solution?

What I'm thinking off too is having a scheduled apex job that runs for example twice a day but I'm not too much in favor of that.

Any thoughts?

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(Separate answer because my first answer, while not answering the question, is true.)

The GroupMember object is not a triggerable object.


As mentioned above, you cannot write trigger on this object.

You can write schedule process, that run every 1 hour, search for new GroupMember and do the update on related users


You can put triggers on CollaborationGroupMember object - I don't know why it doesn't seem to be supported.

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    A bit a late reply but the question was related to the GroupMembership object and not the chatter group membership object.
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