we have "Shared Activities" enabled on Tasks, which allows adding multiple contacts to the "Name" field on a Task object.

Question: does anyone know how to export all contacts that are entered in Name field on Task? Currently, I can only extract one contact Id from that field (API Name: WhoId) using reports or data loader.

Thanks in advance!

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What you're looking for is the TaskWhoRelation sObject, which is a read-only, filtered version of TaskRelation. TaskRelation stores all Task relationships, including the What (Related To), while TaskWhoRelation includes records only for Who (Name), that is, for Leads and Contacts.

You can perform a subquery against this relationship, as shown in the linked documentation:

 SELECT Id, Subject, (SELECT RelationId, Relation.Name, Type from TaskWhoRelations) FROM Task

or you can query it directly:

SELECT RelationId, Relation.Name, Type, TaskId FROM TaskWhoRelation

Note that because RelationId is polymorphic, you won't be able to directly access most Contact or Lead fields through the relationship; you'd need to accumulate those Ids and perform a separate query against Contact or Lead.

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