I'm trying to export our Job data to a data warehouse and it'd be helpful to know which of the jobs we're exporting are associated with AB tests. I can definitely see that Marketing Cloud has some other view to associate Jobs with AB tests, but I haven't seen that data exposed in the documentation. Is this something that I can pull via Query, or do I have to rely on manual exports? Do I need to just put all AB Tests in their own tracking folder and filter by Category?


Not an exact solution but you can try this:

1- Please go to Tracking - Sends and tick A/B Test in the grid.

enter image description here

2- Then you can click on that column to see all A/B tests and please move them in a folder.

enter image description here

3- Now you can use this SQL to get all the jobIDs in this folder/category:

FROM _Sent s
JOIN _Job j on s.JobID = j.JobID 
WHERE j.Category = 'Folder Name'

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