I have used Eclipse in the past but unfortunately, Eclipse and Force.com IDE no longer work for me. I have switched over to VSCode along with the Salesforce DX and forcecode extensions (among many others) and this is the first time I have used this software. I was able to download all of the metadata from my salesforce instance. Now I need to perform a search to find all reports that use a specific field. Can anyone help walk me through the process to achieve this search? And once the search is completed, how do I replace a specific field used in a report with another field?

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    Wouldn't Find in Files/Replace in Files work here? Irrespective of VSCode, you can do a search/replace operation in any standard editor. – Jayant Das Dec 5 '18 at 21:38
  • I'm still haven't used vscode but if you have the metadata use a notepad++ or text editor like sublime to find in all files – codeyinthecloud Dec 5 '18 at 21:39

It can be done by using the Edit menu and the options in VSCode. Just navigate to the folder and perform the operation there.

You can always perform such operation in any standard editor, viz., Notepad++.

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