I require to grab all account names which does not contain any number and display in the report. I am trying to query it using LIKE, but it is not working.

My query - [select name from account where NOT name like ('%1%','%2%')]

Error -

Unknown Error parsing Query

Here I am planning to add numbers from 0 to 9 so that it will return me only account names with characters, not number.

Plz help me out if one knows how to do it.

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This syntax is not supported in regular SOQL, but there's still way to do this in Apex code. We are allowed to bind like to a collection:

String[] filters = new String[0];
for(Integer i = 0; i <= 9; i++) {
Account[] records = [select name from account where not name like :filters];

This would find all accounts that meet your criteria, although it will fail if you have too many records, since this would be a non-selective query.


Create a boolean formula field and perform all those checking about not having numbers and finally use that field in SOQL filter condition.

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