I use this code to closeTab from Visualforce in Lightning Experience:

function closeFocusedTab() {
        logToBrowserConsole('Executing closeFocusedTab function');
        sforce.console.getEnclosingTabId(function(enclosingTabResult) {
            if (enclosingTabResult.id) {
                sforce.console.setTabUnsavedChanges(false, function() {
                    sforce.console.disableTabClose(false, enclosingTabResult.id, function(disableTabCloseResult) {
                        if (disableTabCloseResult.success) {
                            sforce.console.closeTab(enclosingTabResult.id, function(closeTabResult) {
                                if (closeTabResult.success) logToBrowserConsole('Tab successfully closed');
                                else logToBrowserConsole('ERROR - Failed to close tab, ' + closeTabResult.error);
                        else logToBrowserConsole('ERROR - Failed to unlock the enclosing tab, ' + disableTabCloseResult.message);
            else logToBrowserConsole('ERROR - Failed to get the enclosing tab id');

This code works when I land into this Visualforce from another Visualforce page or a Lightning Component but it doesn't work if I put that Visualforce as Override of a standard button. I got this error:

enclosingTabResult = {success: false, errorMessage: "Error: Invalid request."}

Could someone explain me how happened this? I think a workaround could be to open a technical page that open this one, but I want to find a more clear solution.

Thanks for any help.

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