I'm trying to invoke a custom flow (built via process builder) via REST API.

The process begins with a contact record,

This process starts when another process invokes it.

Select an object to associate with the process:


The unique API name of the process is my_process.

I am trying to post a contact record into this custom action, like so:

url = instance_url +'/services/data/v33.0/actions/custom/flow/my_process'

headers = {
    'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + access_token,
    'Content-Type' : 'application/json'

payload = {
    'inputs': [{
        'sObjectId': '0034F000005RUTOQG5' 

The response is:

            "message":"The flow doesn't have a variable with the name sObjectId, or the variable doesn't allow input access.",


I did check that the flow is available, via GET request to:


and it did show my_process.

How can I supply the contact value to the flow via the REST api?

Thank you!

For reference:



EDIT: tried changing the key to 'recordId'

'inputs': [{
        'recordId': '0034F000005RUTOQG5' 

based on:


same error...

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Oh man... of course, it was a case issue.

here is the proper casing for the post payload:

payload = {
    'inputs': [{
        'SObjectId': '0034F000005RUTOQG5' 

SObjectId vs sObjectId

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