I created a custom web tab:

SF>Setup>Build>Create>Tabs>Web Tabs>New:

And after it's created, when I go to Edit it, I can't change the visibility or field level security.

Is this possible?


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There is a workaround but directly you can not edit the visibility by editing the tab. Refer the below idea created which tells:-

So I create a tab and forget to give permissions to a handful of profiles. "Oh well, I figure, I can go back and do that part later." You'd think I could go to the Tab settings and make it "Default On", "Default Off" or "Tab Hidden" for the handful of profiles from the Tab itself. Nope. I have to go to EVERY profile and edit the tab's permisions there! That stinks and is super annoying! Please let me edit the tab visibility from the tab's settings. The work-around is to delete and recreate the tab. Ick!

Another similar idea has been created :-

We have many business cases where an Admin has a need to either mass update the Visibility of one or more Tabs to be Default On, Off or Hidden across many Profiles and it would be really nice to be able to perform these mass updates in the native UI rather than having to go out to a Tool like the IDE.

As of now, workaround is go to each profile and make the changes in Tab permission.


  1. Let me modify Tab visibility from the Tab Settings
  2. Ability to Mass Update Visibility of Tabs
  3. View and Edit Tab Settings in Permission Sets and Profiles

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